Engineering, Manufacturing, Welding

We have over 40 years’ experience of supporting engineering apprentices through their careers and also offer a range of commercial courses at our purpose built training facility in Walsall town centre.

These include welding and CAD courses from one day introductions up to longer bespoke packages tailored to the requirements of your industry. Our engineers are always happy to meet with clients to discuss their requirements and plan appropriate training.


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    Introduction to Welding – MIG and MMA (ARC)

    This course is designed for people who need to carry out welding operations on non-structural items. The focus is on the welding of mild steel components and based around simple repair operations.

    By the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Understand where to use MIG and MMA weld sets
    • Understand how to set up the weld sets for different material thicknesses
    • Understand how to work safely with the welding equipment
    • Carry out fillet, stitch, lap and butt welds
    • Prepare material for welding
    • Carry out a visual inspection of the welds
    • Understand the features that make a good or a bad weld

    Introduction to TIG Welding

    This course us designed for those who set and safely operate TIG welding equipment and develops the basic skills and knowledge of this process.

    This course includes:

    • Safety as applied to the TIG Welding process
    • Welding defects/fault analysis and correction
    • Setting up and adjusting equipment to obtain optimum results
    • Identification of filler wires and gases
    • Fillet welds and lap joints in the horizontal/vertical and horizontal positions

    Introduction to AutoCad

    This one day course is suitable for people who need to read and understand drawings or who are training to be CAD engineers, covering the theory behind CAD and the practical skills needed to operate successfully.

    This course includes:

    • Working safely always
    • Loading and unloading the CAD software
    • Why icons are used and what their meanings are
    • Creating basic drawings and how to store them
    • Dimension drawings and plot them off
    • Designing a drawing sheet template
    • An introduction to isometric drawings