Management Development

The quality and skills of managers can have a massive effect on the performance, morale and progress of the rest of the team in a business. We offer a full range of management development programmes, which can be tailored to suit your business and the learning styles and skills gaps of individual managers. We have short courses and qualifications suitable for team leaders to senior managers.


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    Time Management and Personal Planning

    Finding the time to fulfil tasks and responsibilities can be a task in itself. This course has been designed to provide the key elements for successful time management and personal planning and aims to help you get more out of your day, in addition to giving you strategies for improving the productivity of your team.

    The course will help you to:

    • Identify the impact and causes of ineffective time management
    • Plan and prioritise objectives
    • Perform a variety of time management techniques
    • Delegate effectively
    • Design approaches to scheduling weekly and daily tasks
    • Manage peaks and troughs in work flow

    Key Skills for Leading and Managing your Team

    If you want to build your confidence and develop your ability to manage more effectively, this course will provide you with a deeper understanding of the managerial role and some of the key functions required when building an effective team.

    The course will help you to:

    • Differentiate between leadership and management and judge your own strengths and areas for development
    • Identify your own leadership and management style
    • Recognise the impact of different leadership and management styles on your team and how to adapt your style
    • Improve communication within your team
    • Develop trust and respect within the team
    • Adapt various motivational techniques
    • Delegate effectively

    Lead Motivate Perform

    If you want to understand how to engage more with the people you work with, and create teams with energy and drive, this course will help you make sure your team know what they are doing, where they are going, and are excited about how they will get there.

    The course will help you to:

    • Improve your leadership skills
    • Develop the ability to inspire and influence
    • Recognise how to motivate individuals in your team
    • Recognise the signs of de-motivation and know how to deal with it
    • Interpret and use motivation models to gain tangible results
    • Learn the importance of commitment
    • Deliver feedback that is constructive, motivational and non-confrontational
    • Understand how you can affect the performance of individuals
    • Improve the delivery of effective feedback
    • Enhance productivity and effectiveness through performance management

    Effective Appraisals

    This course is suitable for anyone who carries out staff appraisals and wants to build their own confidence and effectiveness in this essential skill. It will enable delegates to manage performance through objectives and standard setting, as well as increasing their awareness of best practice when preparing for and conducting appraisal meetings.

    Content covered includes:

    • When performance reviews do not work
    • Preparing for performance development reviews
    • Assessing performance objectively
    • Planning constructive feedback
    • Asking open and reflective questions
    • Active listening
    • Appraisals and performance review techniques
    • Dealing with difficult interviews
    • Monitoring progress

    Introduction to Project Management

    This course provides delegates with the basic knowledge and essential skills to enable them to manage small to medium sized projects effectively. It is highly practical and includes simulated projects undertaken in groups.

    The course will cover the following areas:

    • Being a Project Manager – what makes a good Project Manager and what skills are vital to successful outcomes
    • Leading the project
    • Getting the right people for project teams
    • The project management cycle
    • Scoping the project, understanding the goals, know what you want to achieve
    • The planning cycle
    • Implementing the project – managing the timelines
    • Implementation and communication
    • Evaluating the project outcome

    ILM Award in Leadership and Team Skills

    This programme is designed for practising or aspiring team leaders and provides a solid foundation in their formal development as a team leader. It gives a basic knowledge of the various roles, functions and responsibilities of a team leader and the limits of their authority and accountability. The assessment includes two written assignments specific to their workplace.

    Units include:

    • Developing yourself as a team leader
    • Leading your work team
    • Improving performance in the work team

    ILM Award in Leadership and Management

    This programme focuses on developing managers to reach their full potential. It is designed to increase proficiency and efficiency within several areas of management as well as providing motivation and the ability for self-appraisal. Involvement in this programme results in a consistent improvement of management skills and awareness which transfers into higher productivity and business profitability. Assessment includes two written assignments and a presentation.

    Units include:

    • Understanding leadership
    • Understand how to motivate to improve performance
    • Solving problems and making decisions
    • Giving briefings and making presentations