Digital Skills

In an increasingly digital age, it is important to make sure none of your employees get left behind due to an IT skills training need.

We offer a range of courses to support new and experienced users. Each delegate will receive a questionnaire in advance of the course to ensure the content is at the right level for their existing knowledge and covers everything they need to know.


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    We can offer a Bite Size Excel delivery model that is hybrid, a mixture of online and in a classroom, we have four modules that cover the Introduction and Advanced training days, these can be booked for half days, single, or two-day courses.

    A Tutor works with you, understands your starting point and adapts the course to meet your needs.

    Introduction to Microsoft Excel

    This course is aimed at those who want a basic understanding of Excel.

    Topics covered include:

    • A tour of Excel
    • Entering and editing data into cells
    • Saving spreadsheets and opening existing spreadsheets
    • Printing and print previewing spreadsheets
    • Creating formulas and functions
    • Using absolute cell references
    • Borders and shading
    • Using worksheets and workbooks- creating 3D formulas
    • Creating and customising charts
    • Managing print and display settings
    • Working with dates, text and conditional questions
    • Use of conditional formatting
    • Tables
    • Auditing workbooks

    Advanced Microsoft Excel

    This course is ideal for those who have a good understanding of the application and want to learn about more advanced uses.

    Topics covered include:

    • Introduction to more Advanced Functions such as; Logical, Lookups
    • Cell naming
    • Use of conditional formatting (Advanced)
    • Working with data
    • Working with external data
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Database Functions
    • Sorting spreadsheets pivot tables (cross tab views)
    • Recording and editing Macros
    • Creating and using spreadsheet templates
    • Recording Macros and getting to know Visual Basic programming language
    • Creating validation lists

    Microsoft Word

    This course is designed for individuals who wish to develop their skills when using Microsoft Word and is suitable for anyone who has basic computer skills.

    Topics covered include:

    • Simple text entry, editing and formatting
    • Saving and opening files and file management
    • Editing and changing existing documents
    • Working with rule, markers, and margins
    • Spell checker and grammar check including autocorrect
    • Creating styles
    • Document printing and page setup
    • Creating and formatting tables and columns
    • Using find and replace
    • Envelopes, including mail merge
    • Working with shortcuts, toolbars and graphs
    • Handling large documents
    • Creating document templates
    • Macros

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