Top marks for business administration apprentice

Lodge Tyre

"I wanted to gain a vocational qualification that evidenced my abilities as a skilled administrator and was relevant to my current role. In addition, I wanted the opportunity to expand my knowledge in areas of business administration in which I may have less experience. The fact that my employer would fully fund and support my apprenticeship also made it attractive, added to the fact that I would be able to study during work time and not have to find additional time to study at home, which would’ve proved more difficult for me. I had little prior knowledge of the National Apprenticeship programme prior to exploring/starting this course.

"The apprenticeship went very well and I feel that the qualification is advantageous to have on my CV. I had no personal difficulties that stopped me from enrolling or completing the course, although it was sometimes challenging to juggle studying with work as I have a job that is usually busy and fast-paced. This did necessitate some studying at home, though not much, and my employer was always very supportive if I did need study or classroom time during working hours.

"I have gained a Distinction and attended the Graduation Ceremony, for which I have my certificate of achievement. Personally, I have gained more confidence from the apprenticeship, particularly with managing projects. There have also been some leadership qualities that I feel I have developed throughout the course of the apprenticeship, and since completing it.

"I am already a skilled and experienced administrator, so I now have the qualification to support this, and I would be more confident in applying for administration roles that require specific skills or more significant experience. I am now looking to further improve my skillset and am considering a higher level qualification (degree or equivalent).

"Apprenticeships are vocational and therefore relevant to your current or next role. You can do them during work time and your employer will fully support this, plus they will partially or completely fund the course, meaning you don’t have the financial burden. You will have a dedicated tutor with regular meetings, classroom workshops with fellow learners on the same course, a structured learning programme and regular catch-ups with your line manager, all of which provides you with a complete support network during your apprenticeship. You will develop key skills and behaviours that allow you to grow, both personally and professionally, resulting in a nationally recognised qualification that is highly valued by employers."

Peter's employer says, "Peter has grown in confidence since doing the apprenticeship and is applying this confidence to his role daily. He regularly puts his hands up to take the lead on new projects. Peter had a varied knowledge of the overall business structure, and this was further strengthened during the course."