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Welcome to the first blog post, this time written by one of our Business Development team

Well those of you with children (or should I say ‘Young Adults’), will have by now seen them off to College or University or maybe they are starting an Apprenticeship. Whatever it is I bet like me your shoulders have dropped – firstly with the relief they are not just going to be hanging around cluttering up the house and eating all the food and secondly because finally they have started on  their own life journey to fulfill their dreams, or for those who have left home for Uni the thought that they have finally flown the nest and nothing will ever be the same again…

What’s that I hear you say? Oh yes, I know, finally you can have the remote control back, you can open the fridge and know that bar of chocolate you were saving will still be there and the washing basket will diminish somewhat (temporarily until they dump it all on you next time they are home)!

But I for one am proud of my achievement. I’ve grown an individual who now has the skills to make his way in the world. Doesn’t sound much when you say it out loud, but it is huge. Common sense is something a lot of employers look for when they interview individuals for positions, how can you teach that? I hope I’ve done a good enough job, time will tell.

Those Young Adults reading this whatever path you have chosen to take in your life journey, stay focused, never give up on your dreams, ask lots of questions, listen to advice but above all believe you can be the best you can be.

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