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“Y” is a fifty two year old who was originally from London. “Y”s working life has revolved around HGV and LGV driving. Following the breakup of a long-term relationship “Y” became homeless and relocated to the Midlands. Unfortunately, “Y”s mental health deteriorated and “Y” suffered a breakdown which resulted in a battle with depression and alcohol abuse. The last five years have been a difficult time, “Y” has been unemployed and their personal issues have led to negative emotions which have had a detrimental effect on their self-worth. However, “Y” has worked hard to battle addiction and has settled into a stable relationship which has led to a determination to improve their personal circumstances.

“Y” reached a point in life where they felt able to progress into employment and undertook a training course in Warehouse and Storage. This lead to their first contact with BBO staff and following on from several conversations with “Y” it became readily apparent that Bridges would be a beneficial environment for “Y” to be engaged in. “Y” was clearly shy and withdrawn and initially struggled to interact around others, visibly displaying nervous tendencies. “Y” also required assistance with updating their CV, employability skills and guidance on work opportunities and the benefit of upskilling qualifications.

“Y”s determination to see a change in their lives was readily apparent and staff built on this foundation to offer advice, guidance and positive reinforcement throughout “Y”s journey on the Bridges programme. “Y” has identified potential career paths and through Bridges has successfully undertaken further qualifications to enable them to progress back into employment. “Y” has undergone a transformation since engaging on the programme and recently hand delivered CVs to more than twenty local transport and haulage companies. “Y” has stated that they have benefitted from the support and guidance they received from BBO Bridges referring to the staff as “great” and “professional” and acknowledge that the help and support they received has been life changing.

As of this writing “Y” has progressed to the interview stage from one of the CVs they hand delivered and from this “Y” has been offered full time work, reaching their desired goal of sustainable employment, something that “Y” felt was unattainable before engaging on the BBO Bridges programme.

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