Our aim is to support all customers and make our services accessible to everyone.

Equal Opportunity

PTP works to ensure that everyone has a fair and equal opportunity at having access to training. The work we do with the BME community ensures that noone is excluded and that they have the same opportunities as everyone else in the community. The accreditation of matrix recognises how PTP supports the local community by offering highly effective information, advice and guidance using the matrix standard quality framework.  The service helps individuals to make informed choices about their career, learning, work and life goals.


We adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), a set of guidelines that is used to ensure web sites are designed and written in a way that makes them accessible to everyone.

  • where we use images, we use alternative text so that those people who cannot see the image can read the text
  • we only use strong colour contrasts
  • headings are used correctly to make them readable through screen readers
  • links do what they say
  • tables are laid out in tabular form with headings and summaries
  • we use style sheets to determine the presentation of our web site – this assists those using screen reading devices

If you have any feedback or experience any problems with our site, do let us know by contacting us and we’ll do what we can to make it easier for everyone to access.

Publications and printed material

All of our printed materials and publications can be made available in a variety of formats to meet the needs of applicants who have a learning difficulty and/or disability. Please contact us for further information.

Additional Support

If you require additional support whilst at PTP, then our staff are here to help you.

If you have a health issue or disability

Please make us aware of any health issue or disability which may affect your successful progression through your learning programme. PTP will endeavour to make all reasonable adjustments to support any disabilities you may have.

If you need extra support with learning

During your time with PTP we will carry out assessments which may identify support you need to help with learning new things, for example you may need extra support with your reading, writing, maths or English. If you already know you need extra help please make us aware and we will provide you with the necessary support and guidance.

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