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See below our list of distance learning courses, both paper-based and online. These courses are fully funded according to eligibility and so are a great opportunity for those who have recently been furloughed, however all courses are available whether furloughed or not. Study online from home with our remote learning career-boosting courses. With a wide variation of courses available all with guided learning hours, you can take the next step to advance in your chosen job path. With a learner satisfaction rate of 95%, you know you can gain the knowledge to upskill and start your learning journey today.

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Paper Based Distance Learning
Level 2 CertificateLARGuided Learning Hours
Awareness of Mental Health Problems 601/3438/0 160
Common Health Conditions 601/4306/X 141
Dignity & Safeguarding in Adult Social Care601/3119/6 145
Equality and Diversity601/3145/7 180
Fall Prevention Awareness 603/2552/5118
Information, Advice or Guidance 601/4321/6 120
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care 600/0688/2 179
Principles of Dementia Care 600/6355/5 123
Principles of End of Life Care601/3818/X 135
Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities 601/1687/0 143
Principles of the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare Settings 600/9312/2105
Understanding Autism 601/6330/6 152
Understanding Behaviour that Challenges 603/1062/5 130
Understanding Children’s and Young People’s Mental 603/2813/7 135
Understanding Nutrition and Health 601/9311/0 126
Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes 600/9311/0 105
Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication in Health 601/3404/5 120
Understanding Safeguarding & Prevent Duty603/2818/6 120
Online Distance Learning Courses
Level 2 Certificate LARGuided Learning Hours
Awareness of Mental Health Problems 601/3438/0 160
Behaviour that Challenges 603/1062/5 130
Business Improvement Techniques 603/4306/0 110
Business and Administration 601/7071/2 155—215
Care and Management of Diabetes 600/9311/0 105
Cleaning Principles601/0791/1110-120
Children and Young People’s Mental Health603/2813/7 135
Common Childhood Illnesses 603/3115/X 120
Common Health Conditions 601/4306/X 121
Customer Service 601/7070/0 180—230
Customer Service for Health and Social Care Settings 603/0483/2 94
Data Protection and Data Security 603/3639/0 110
Dementia Care 600/6355/5 123
Dignity and Safeguarding 601/3119/6 145
Digital Skills for Work603/3114/8110
End of Life Care601/3818/X135
Excellence in Customer Service for Hospitality603/2778/9125
Equality and Diversity601/3145/7180
Fall Prevention Awareness603/2552/5118
Infection Control600/9312/2 111
Information, Advice of Guidance600/4321/6 114—120
Introducing Caring for Children and Young People 600/0336/4 117—134
Lean Organisation Management Techniques 601/2530/5 90
Nutrition and Health601/3389/2 126
Personal Care Needs 603/5286/3 130
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care600/0047/8 179
Principles of Care Planning 601/7566/7 155
Retail Operations 601/3338/7 118—136
Safe Handling of Medication in Health and Social Care 601/3404/5 120
Safeguarding and Prevent603/2818/6 115
Specific Learning Difficulties 603/2041/2 129
Technology Enabled Care 603/5155/X 110
Team Leading 603/3883/0 170—215
Tenant Support in Social Housing 603/4273/0 105
Understanding Autism 601/6330/6 152
Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities 601/1687/0 143
Working with People with Mental Health Needs 601/3434/3 155
Workplace Violence and Harassment 603/3938/7 110
Warehousing and Storage 603/0634/8 101

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